QSL information

All radio amateurs making contact with a GB70 station will be able to request QSL cards.

GB70E QSL Card
The GB70E QSL card design, which can be sent to any amateur radio operator making contact with a GB70 station

The official QSL card design has been made available to all GB70 stations, and features the official photograph of Her Majesty The Queen for the Jubilee.

QSL cards are sent between amateur radio stations to confirm a contact.

How to request your QSL card

First, you must have a confirmed contact with one of the GB70 stations and be in their log.

QSL cards can be requested via the M0OXO OQRS log search.

  1. Select or search for the GB70x station you worked under “Select DX Station”
  2. Enter the callsign you used when you worked the Gb70x station
  3. Complete the steps prompted on screen to request your QSL card

You can either request a free QSL card via the bureau, or pay for a direct one to be sent to you. The direct option has a built in link to PayPal to cover the postage cost.

Direct Cards can be requested by post to the following address with the inclusion of $2.00 and a stamped and addressed return envelope:

Charles Wilmott (MØOXO)
60 Church Hill
Barnsley, South Yorkshire S71 4NG
United Kingdom

We strongly encourage bureau cards to be requested on M0OXO OQRS, rather than sending a card via the RSGB Bureau. The incoming cards are not needed and it saves work by the RSGB Bureau staff.

QSOs will be uploaded to LOTW, but we will not be supporting EQSL or the QRZ.com logbook options.

Dealing with “not in the log” issues

If QSO’s are not found in the OQRS log search, there is a ‘Not In Log’ form on the M0OXO website directly below the search box after you entered your callsign.

This will be entered into work queue of the QSL manager, and all requests will be dealt with in a timely manner. Please do not report missing calls on email or social media, as the QSL manager will not be able to respond to them.